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With our career consulting services, we assist clients who want to further their career, change career direction, and who aren't quite sure what they want. Our philosophy is when one door closes, another one opens. Instead of our clients feeling like they have no control, we give control back to our clients.

Just some of the areas we specialize in are as follows:

Career Discovery  - assisting our clients with fully understanding their personal vision

Career Goals - assisting our clients with defining and prioritizing their career goals

Career Planning - assisting our clients with setting short-term and long-term career milestones

Career Work/Life Balance - assisting our clients with making sure they understand how to select a job that best fits into their ideal lifestyle.

Resume Preparation
- assisting our clients with preparing their resumes to attract the right opportunities. Where we will not write the resume for our clients, we will provide constructive feedback on the best way to present their resumes to attract the right opportunities for them according to their personal vision.

Interview Preparation - assisting our clients with preparing for their upcoming interviews once they receive opportunities.

Negotiating Opportunities - assisting our clients with understanding the best way to protect themselves when they receive offers.

Our proprietary career coaching program is highly effective. We have assisted many clients in transitioning out of one career and into another with clarity and confidence. Whether our clients have been laid off, fired, not challenged enough, realize they took a wrong turn, or just can't seem to find the right fit, we specialize in assisting our clients through the transition with mastery!

Several of our clients have come back to us several times. Each time they are ready for the next step up in their career progression, they reach back out to us for assistance. That is the level of confidence we want our clients to have while doing business with us.

For us, It is about helping our clients reach their fullest potential in a career path they will actually enjoy. In our experience, we have discovered that those who find jobs they actually enjoy wind up performing the best overall anyway. Our philosophy is "do what you love."

Results may vary and are totally dependent on each of our client's efforts. We in no way guarantee these results for any client we serve. Results will vary depending on each client's willingness to commit to the change they want for themselves.

Additional services we provide include performance coaching, leadership coaching, management consulting, executive management coaching, all while using our company's proven proprietary career consulting methodologies.

Please note, we do not offer assistance with job selection. We are not a career placement agency. Where we will prepare you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions you feel you need to make for your  short and long-term career visions, objectives, and goals, we will not make any decisions for you. We will provide input if asked; however, we will always lean towards the solution that we feel will allow you to retain the most control over your choices, as well as over your personal data.

Career Consulting Client Testimonial:

"First off, I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU! I appreciate your preparedness. I find that sense of urgency to be very rare in business, and even more so for an independent - so for that, I applaud you! I, myself, was taking notes throughout the call and was blown away by the level of detail in your summary email. Again, not something I expected from an individual entrepreneur, but you have certainly created a service (VALUE!) that far exceeds the asking price.

As far as the meat and potatoes of the call go, I am grateful that you took the time to gain a true understanding of me, the individual, while building my resume. My biggest fear in hiring someone to perfect my resume, was that they would make it cookie cutter with a bunch of buzz words, and in that, lose ME, the person. You truly have a mastery level of understanding of people's needs, and how each affect one another. I came away from our call with far more clarity in regards to my purpose, and with removal of doubt that I previously held in regards to my despondence in my career. You suggested that I continue to challenge myself in order to fuel all areas of my life. This has completely reinvigorated me as I embark on a major life change. All in all - you have given me my confidence back to pursue the next level!

This goes beyond a service - you have built a relationship that has understood me as a person, and created a product which will brand and market me to future employers, which makes me the hunted and not the hunter. A word to future customers - you need to continue to grow and develop yourself. Never get too comfortable. Jody will ensure you're marketed in the best light possible through your resume. Jody's service is the most accumulative and versatile assistance one can gain - flat out! I can't say thank you enough!" - Farrah C.

Private One-On-One Consulting:

Rates are charged by the hour. All information is kept private and not shared with anyone for any reason. All client notes are held outside of our online platform to securely protect all private sessions conducted with our clients. Your privacy is extremely important to us.

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