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We are a results driven project consulting firm offering our services to small businesses within the United States.

We help small businesses understand how to properly navigate through change. We assist small businesses with planning and building out long-term solutions with process improvements that will lean processes streamlined for efficiency utilizing industry standard best practices. Our cost effective proprietary system will help you save money while implementing scalable solutions on a firm foundation that will stand up to the test of time.

Our primary goal is to help small businesses improve the human experience. One of the key ways of making sure the human experience is optimal across the board for any small business is taking the necessary time to prepare for their upcoming initiatives. Preparation is the quintessential ingredient needed for the long-term success of any project. By spending the much needed time upfront, a small business has a firm grasp of all aspects of the project, including project purpose/goal, vision, objectives, constraints, risks, dependencies, shareholders, resource allocation, capacity plan, operational vs project task management, and more. All of the aspects previously mentioned should be thoroughly understood and defined prior to defining the project solution, project scope, duration, time line, budget, or project phases.

Our primary objective is to assist our clients with implementing the new modularized system infrastructure. This includes making sure there is a firm understanding of all elements prior to the commensement of any project work. Most small businesses are still using very antiquated methodologies including linear, compartmentalized, disparate systems such as Legacy based systems and/or AS400 systems. We have discovered that this is typically due to the fact that there is a severe lack of understanding of what is required. Information isn't being made readily available. Well, that is our role..to share with you any information you feel you need to make the best operational and/or project related decisions for your business.

With a massive overhaul of the global footprint underway to a quantum infrastructure, we see an urgent need to help small businesses within the United States understand what is needed to stay relevant, compliant, competitive, efficient, and productive. Small Business Project Management has the experience and knowledge to help you get to the next level!

We offer our services to legal citizens and legal businesses within the continental United States. Services can be arranged a la carte, or as a package. We will customize a service package that best suits your needs if you prefer. If additional services are needed later, they will be considered an add-on service and not part of the original service contract.

All work is performed at a very fair and reasonable flat or hourly rate, quoted prior to work beginning and is non-refundable once services are rendered either in part or in whole. If any work is performed that was not quoted with the original scope of work, it will be considered as a separate task and billed separately. As we hold nexus in Pennsylvania, our services are not taxable; however, our business services can be claimed as an expense for tax purposes. We do not provide financial or legal advice. All choices are your own. All work is performed remotely via phone, text, and email. We do not conduct any of our sessions via video conference at this time*.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Small Business Project Management is to provide competent, high quality, results driven project consulting services through honest and fair dealings with our clients in a manner that is optimally beneficial to all concerned. Our company firmly believes in unity, inclusion, diversity, equality, and fairness for all. This includes full transparency in everything we do. If you have a question, simply ask.

Additionally, our mission is to assist existing small businesses with their small business projects, as well as assist those who have the talent, ambition, drive, and determination to break free from their current position and utilize their skills to launch their own small business. Whether it be to break free from a large corporation and utilize your skills to launch your own small business, streamline processes within an existing business, or break out of a dead end business and start a new business, Small Business Project Management gets the job done the right way!

The Owner and Chief Executive Officer:


Jody Raman has an extensive background in executive level data integrity project management, financial systems project management, HR systems project management, full modularized system development, website front end development, and graphic design, comprising over fifteen years of executive level project management and business consulting experience.

She has successfully managed projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo and Santander, as well as for the Pennsylvania Lottery, just to name a few.

While she was with Wells Fargo (the first time) in 2007, she was the lead project manager for the Cost Basis Initiative Group to show Recognized Gain on a very high profile investment portfolio client's quarterly and end-of-year statements. In the process of doing so, she also identified a very complex quadratic equation that would help Wells Fargo with converting all corporate action events such as spins, mergers, etc.

While she was with Santander, she was the lead project manager for data quality across all financial systems for the third largest banking migration in world history when Santander merged with Sovereign in 2012. Her specialities were SOX Compliance, IT Audit preparedness, Change Management, Repository build outs, and Case Management.

While she was with the Pennsylvania Lottery in 2019, she was the project manager and terminal user interface designer for the most complex Pennsylvania Lottery game released to date, Derby Cash.

These are just a few examples of the types of puzzles Jody loves solving. Now, she is utilizing her own proprietary project management approach to assist small business owners, small business directors, and other small business executives with the implementation of their projects so they will have a much better understanding on how to do so while realigning their business structure in preparation for the global shift to a quantum business experience.

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Disclaimer: All work is performed remotely via phone, text, and email, and/or on site at the client's location if local to the Harrisburg, PA area. We do not conduct any of our sessions via video conference or Skype at this time. The statements made on this website are intended for informational and/or entertainment purposes only. Statements made, and/or services sold, through this website, have not been evaluated by any United Statesstate or federal agencies, this includes the FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration). Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please see a medical professional about any health concerns you have. We also do not provide legal advice, financial advice, or tax advice. By using this website, you agree that your choices are your own. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.


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