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With our project consulting services, we help small businesses understand any project related aspects associated with managing their small business. We help small businesses understand how to define the scope of their upcoming projects. We specialize in providing full end-to-end project management consulting services; however, our current primary focus is assisting our clients with the development of their project documentation. By focusing our clients' efforts here, it allows us to make sure each of our clients has a full understanding of the overall involvement of each of their projects prior to project work beginning so they are fully prepared.

We assist our clients with making sure all considerations are included in the overall project documentation package so the solution they choose will meet their short and long-term project specifications straight out-of-the-box with no need for customizations. We assist our clients with making sure all necessary stakeholders are included in the process so no details or possible dependencies are overlooked.

Small businesses typically call on us to help them lean processes, streamline their processes for efficiency, assist them with understanding their specific needs for an effective change management strategy, as well as guidance on implementing it. Our specialty is understanding the change management aspect of projects and providing an experienced specialized perspective on how our clients can work towards building a successful project strategy to achieve optimal results.

We do our best to stay aware of all current events to better prepare small businesses for the best short and long-term framework for their upcoming project objectives. By staying abreast of industry standard best practices we help small businesses stay a few steps ahead of the upcoming infrastructure changes and how they may impact them from both a compliance and process improvements perspective. We do our best to inform our small business clients of any anticipated compliance changes, as well as provide recommendations on how to capture the appropriate requirements in their documentation for the best long-term out-of-the-box solutions. This means being able to use a much larger percentage of the out-of-box functionality, such as workflow automation and user permissions at all levels of organizational hierarchy. Where our project approach is unorthodox, it is highly effective if put into action the correct way.

Additional project related services we provide include process analysis, functional gap analysis, current state and future state process flow, business continuity strategy guidance, all while using our company's proven proprietary project approach methodologies.

Please note, we do not offer assistance with solution selection. Where we will prepare you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions you feel you need to make for your organization's short and long-term visions, objectives, and goals, we will not make any decisions for you. We will provide input if asked; however, we will always lean towards the solution that we feel will allow you to retain the most control over your choices, as well as over your organization's data.




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