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Career Consulting Client Testimonial:

"First off, I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU! I appreciate your preparedness. I find that sense of urgency to be very rare in business, and even more so for an independent - so for that, I applaud you!

I, myself, was taking notes throughout the call and was blown away by the level of detail in your summary email. Again, not something I expected from an individual entrepreneur, but you have certainly created a service (VALUE!) that far exceeds the asking price.

As far as the meat and potatoes of the call go, I am grateful that you took the time to gain a true understanding of me, the individual. You truly have a mastery level of understanding of people's needs, and how each affect one another. I came away from our call with far more clarity
in regards to my purpose, and with removal of doubt that I previously held in regards to my despondence in my career.

You suggested that I continue to challenge myself in order to fuel all areas of my life. This has completely reinvigorated me as I embark on a major life change. All in all - you have given me my confidence back to pursuethe next level!

This goes beyond a service - you have built a relationship that has understood me as a person, and created a product which will brand and market me to future employers, which makes me the hunted and not the hunter. A word to future customers - you need to continue to grow and develop yourself.

Never get too comfortable. Jody will ensure you're marketed in the best light possible through your resume. Jody's service is the most accumulative and versatile assistance one can gain - flat out! I can't say thank you enough!" - Farrah C.


Small Business Project Management is a results driven consulting firm. We offer a variety of professional consulting services such as project consulting, management consulting, and business consulting services within the United States. With a massive overhaul of the global footprint underway to a quantum infrastructure, we see an urgent need to help small businesses within the United States understand what is needed to stay relevant, compliant, competitive, efficient, and productive all while maintaining a healthy work life balance.

We help small businesses understand how to properly navigate through change. We assist small businesses with planning and building out long-term solutions with process improvements that will lean processes streamlined for efficiency utilizing industry standard best practices. Our cost effective proprietary system will help you save money while implementing scalable solutions on a firm foundation that will stand up to the test of time.

Our primary goal is to help small businesses improve the human experience. One of the key ways of making sure the human experience is optimal across the board for any small business is taking the necessary time to prepare for their upcoming initiatives. Preparation is the quintessential ingredient needed for the long-term success of any project. By spending the much needed time upfront, a small business has a firm grasp of all aspects of the project, including project purpose/goal, vision, objectives, constraints, risks, dependencies, shareholders, resource allocation, capacity plan, operational vs project task management, and more. All of the aspects previously mentioned should be thoroughly understood and defined prior to defining the project solution, project scope, duration, time line, budget, or project phases.

Our primary objective is to assist our clients with implementing the new modularized system infrastructure. This includes making sure there is a firm understanding of all elements prior to the commensement of any project work. Most small businesses are still using very antiquated methodologies including linear, compartmentalized, disparate systems such as Legacy based systems and/or AS400 systems. We have discovered that this is typically due to the fact that there is a severe lack of understanding of what is required. Information isn't being made readily available. Well, that is our share with you any information you feel you need to make the best operational and/or project related decisions for your business.

Small Business Project Management has the executive level experience, knowledge, and wisdom to help get you to the next level!

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